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The Department of Sudanese and African Languages emphasizes research and postgraduate training in Sudanese and African linguistics. In addition, it provides intensive courses in selected African languages. Students pursue studies at the Diploma, M.A. and Ph.D. levels

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The Department of African and Asian Studies offers an interdisciplinary programme of study concerned with Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The Department’s courses give attention to the cultural, historical, political, and socio-economic aspects of these regions. Both course-work and directed research provide students with the necessary background for an understanding of contemporary African and Asian affairs. The Department offers courses leading to the following degrees.

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The study of folklore is interdisciplinary in nature. It is closely related to anthropology, history, literature, psychology etc. The character of folklore study is reflected in the Department's programme of collection, research and courses. The Department program aims at:


  1. The collection and documentation of folklore genres and the acquisition of traditional artifacts from different parts of the Sudan
  2. The training of students in Sudanese, African and Middle Eastern folkloristics as well as in the application of folklore theories arid fieldwork methodology.
  3. Conducting research on different aspects of folklore. the department dorects its its research program towards sociological, educational and developmental problems, which of relevance to the contemporary Sudan. This attempt is reflected in some of the dissertations presented to the department.
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